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We are committed to raising awareness and access to quality

post-secondary options for Chicago area high school students. 

Impact is an Illinois based organization created to help students prepare for and connect with colleges. We are committed to raising awareness and access to quality post - secondary options for Chicago area high school students. We network with high schools throughout Chicago and its suburbs. In all practicality we are an additional resource to assist college-bound students in finding a school that is a good fit for them: academically, socially and financially.

Fifty-five percent of Americans now believe that obtaining a college degree is the only way to succeed. More and more employers are expecting additional education and training beyond a high school diploma. At Impact we believe in moving belief into action and ensuring every student has full access to a higher education. Our Half Day College Readiness Events include information on the college selection, admissions and financial aid process. In particular we cover:

  • Choosing a college that is right for you
  • Success with the admissions process
  • Financing your college education

Ours is a unique approach in that our college affiliates are "featured" during the events. We only feature colleges that are fully accredited. When a college is featured, information specific to that college is shared with students (location, entrance requirements, cost of attendance). Students will receive general information on the college selection, admissions and financial aid process. As well as up-to-date literature and particulars on the chosen university. Students walk away equipped with the questions to ask any admissions representative. They also receive information on summer activities and open house events held on college campuses throughout the United States.

College Affiliates are invited to attend the 5K District Half-Day Events. At the events the students hear directly from the representatives on what makes their campus unique. The representatives also share tips on the admissions and application process with students. This "insider" perspective from several different colleges (community, four year, private/public) is very helpful for students. 

"The presentation helped the students think ahead. Many of the students became interested in the featured colleges. Thank you for providing this service for our students."

                  Guidance Counselor

                  Richards High School

"The information shared was excellent and timely for our students. I would certainly recommend the 5K District Initiative Program to other schools."

                 Guidance Counselor

                 Rich East High School

"The Half Day College Readiness Event provided our students with an outside perspective of how important the college search process really is."

                   Guidance Counselor 

                    Shepard High School

"The timing of the event was perfect for many of our seniors. In particular the financial aid information was very useful. This time was well invested."

              Counseling Facilitator

               Eisenhower High School