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College & Career Readiness Summit Tour

In an effort to help students prepare for and connect with college, we host College & Career Readiness Tour events in Chicago-area High Schools. The events take place during the academic school day.  Impact representatives and college representatives (from a variety of post-secondary institutions) address the junior class with a focus on the college selection, admission and financial aid process.  To request participation, simply fill out the form below. Thank you for your interest in our programs.

Our Story...
Over the past nine years, Impact has grown from one presentation attended by nine senior level students into a well respected organization poised to serve 2,500 students per academic school year. Impact services benefit families from all walks of life especially those facing adverse conditions. With your help, we will continue to grow and make a difference in the lives of youth. For additional information please contact our office at 844.498.4264.

A Decade of Service...

2023/2024 (Upcoming)

Oct 12  Thornton Fractional South

Dec 6     Bloom Trail

Dec 7     Bloom

Feb 15    Shepard

Apr 4      Hillcrest


Oct  13  Thornton Fractional South

Nov 22  Bloom

Dec 8     Bloom Trail

Feb 16    Shepard

Apr 6      Hillcrest

*Three Scholarships Awarded


Sep 10  Thornton Fractional South

Dec 9    Bloom

Apr 12  Shepard

Apr 14   Hillcrest


Nov 7  Thornton Fractional South

Dec 9    Bloom

Arp 14  Hillcrest

Feb 17  Shepard

7/2021 - 3rd Winner Derria Williams $2000

7/2021 - 2nd Winner Ava Freeman $2000

Virtual Summit 






- - Summit # 6 Cancelled - - 


Oct 26  Thornwood

Nov 21  Tinley Park

Jan 25  Thornton Fractional South

Feb 14  Shepard

Mar 15  Hillcrest

Apr 25  Morgan Park

Summit #5 July 27th

7/2019 - 1st Winner Curtis Pointer $1000


Oct 12  Bloom

Nov 16 Thornwood

Jan 25  Eisenhower

Feb 15  Shepard

Mar 14  Hillcrest

Apr 12  Morgan Park

Summit #4 July 28th


Oct 20  Bloom

Oct 24  Thornton

Nov 30  Thornwood

Feb 16  Shepard

Feb 23  Crete Monee

Mar 23  Hillcrest

Summit #3 July 29th


Jan  23 Thornwood

Jan 28  Eisenhower

Feb 16   Shepard

Mar 20  Thornridge

May 5    Rich Central

May 18  Rich South

Summit #2 July 30th 


Oct 8      Shepard

Nov 13  Proviso West

Nov 18  Simeon

Nov 20  Phillips

Summit #1 July 25th


Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Student Grade Level
I understand that if the date I chose is accepted, it may not be changed unless there is just cause (weather, school closing etc.) If the date is altered without just cause, the community scholarship will no longer apply to our school and we will be responsible for the full price of any future events that we choose to schedule.

Thanks for submitting!

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