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Last Updated:  April 12, 2023


By applying to attend an IMPACT event, you do hereby give consent to use of your image on our print and visual media. 




Eligibility. Only accredited colleges can participate in IMPACT High School Events. If you have never attended an IMPACT event, please contact the coordinator for additional details. It is also imperative that representatives write and practice their presentation prior to the event (additional details below). 

The Arrival. College representatives should plan to arrive 30 minutes before the first presentation. This will allow ample time to get water/coffee, greet school staff and set-up materials. Coming early also provides an opportunity for representatives to settle themselves and not feel rushed before presenting.


Materials. The type of materials needed for a college fair and an IMPACT high school event are similar. However, the amount is not the same. Representatives usually need about half of the materials they would use at a typical college fair event. Note: Give-a-ways are allowed.

The Event. After students are settled in the assembly hall, the school liaison will start the event. Each event has a maximum of two sessions. Each session is one class period in length. An IMPACT representative will host the event and serve as the main event speaker. Representatives should be prepared to talk about their school and provide a "tip" for the students on what is important for three minutes. Each representative will have a total of six minutes (per session) to speak. Representatives should practice ahead of time, as not to exceed six minutes. At the end, the host will ask pre-arranged questions to each college. Questions should highlight the uniqueness of the college and why students would want to attend that "particular" school.


The Conclusion.  At the end of each session be prepared for students that were really interested in a particular college to approach the table (for literature). There is no need for students to fill out an interest card. Student data will be captured on the IMPACT electronic form. Information will be shared with college affiliates via spreadsheet after the event. The information gathered includes: School Name, Date, Student Name, Address, Phone, Email, Grade Level, and GPA (student reported). In rare cases, parent contact information may also be provided.

Post Event Details. The college representative that attended the event will receive the student information. The email will have the title of "Student Data Report" and this sensitive information should not be shared with any other party. Some representatives have transitioned the IMPACT event into an opportunity to meet school staff and schedule their own revisit with the school for a later date. This networking strategy is strongly encouraged. Please plan to obtain a business card and stay in touch with school staff that you meet during the IMPACT event. 


College Affiliates.  Ideally, affiliates participate in IMPACT High School events and share information about IMPACT opportunities with other schools in their territory. Please speak with your Director of Admissions about making IMPACT a regular part of your Chicago- territory management recruitment plan.



Cost. There is a participation fee per event. Colleges that have not participated in the past, should contact our office prior to registering  - register here


Generous business sponsorships allow us to offer free community events.

IMPACT summit and high school events attract students nationwide.

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