We are committed to raising awareness and access to quality

post-secondary options for Chicago area high school students. 

Eligibility Standards for attending the College Summit

Students, this event was designed with you in mind. You can attend the event free charge. Each registered student can bring up to two people with them. Ideally, we would like you to attend with your parents, legal guardian, or family member. Be ready to take notes and ask plenty of questions! There are a lot of students who want to attend, so please read and agree to the requirements listed below before you register. We will send a reminder prior to the event. Finally, plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early!                    Parents if your child cannot attend, you are still welcome.

Student Attendee Eligibility Statements

  • I am currently a High School Student or I will be preparing to enter high school in the Fall.

  • I can attend the event because I do not have any vacations, trips or out-of-town visits scheduled on or around the event date.

  • I have made my parents aware of this commitment so they will not schedule anything for me. 


  • I have reliable transportation to and from the event.

  • I am genuinely interested in attending college or a post- when I graduate from High School.

  • I will be on time and stay until the conclusion of the event.

  • If I do receive a job or perform volunteer work over the summer, I will let my supervisor know about this prior commitment.

  • If for any reason, I register but cannot attend this event, I will promptly notify Impact via email: [email protected] 

*Students who want to serve as a student volunteer for the event should send an email to [email protected] 

Terms & Conditions

I do hereby consent and agree that Impact CCRN has permission to provide my registration information to interested colleges, universities, scholarship programs, and service programs participating in the College Readiness Summit. I further consent and agree that Impact CCRN has the right to take photographs or digital recordings of me at the event. Pictures and any other media are recorded exclusively for the purpose of promoting the summit. I further acknowledge that my full name will not be included in descriptive text, captions, articles, or commentary.