We are committed to raising awareness and access to quality

post-secondary options for Chicago area high school students. 

5K District Initiative

District Participation

The Impact 5K District Initiative offers local school districts the unique ability to participate in building a bridge between their students and access to higher education. There is no charge. The half day college readiness events are free. This service is made possible by the generous support of college and business sponsors. How can your students participate? Each high school appoints one liaison. The High School Liaison will discuss scheduling issues including but not limited to: date, time, location, approximate number of students per session, hand-outs and audio-visual equipment. The 5K District Program Coordinator will contact each High School Liaison and schedule a date for the event. The Liaison will serve as the primary contact for all Impact correspondence.

Information Covered

Part 1 College Selection Process

Part 2 College Admissions Process

Part 3 Financial Aid Process

Half Day Event Guidelines

  • The program is available on a half-day schedule only. Representatives will visit the          high school for up to three hours in the morning or up to three hours in the afternoon.
  • The maximum number of students per session is 200 (600 per event).
  • The high school provides ample space, a screen and audio-visual equipment.
  • At the conclusion of the program students will complete a college connections form. 

To request participation for your High School simply complete the form on the side panel. To request more information send an email to [email protected]